Emergency Dental Appointments

It doesn’t matter how well we look after our teeth; sometimes, accidents happen. Injuries occur which can occasionally necessitate urgent dental attention. Here at Horsham Smiles, we never want you to feel like your dental health should be sacrificed for the sake of convenience. That’s why we offer emergency dental appointments for all our patients that will fix your issues quickly before they worsen.

Is my Toothache a Dental Emergency?

Usually, dental issues can be left for a week or so whilst you wait for your standard appointment. However, there are some instances in which you may be suffering too much to wait that long.
Most people will suffer from toothache at some point in their lives. It is a relatively common phenomenon that, although unpleasant, usually doesn’t have too significant an impact on your daily life. However, some cases are much more extreme and can dramatically impact your ability to function properly. In this case, it may be necessary for you to attend an emergency dental appointment.

What Should I do in the Meantime?

We always make every effort to ensure that those in need of emergency appointments get seen as soon as possible. However, should your appointment be delayed for any reason, there are several measures you can take to ease your pain at home. Saltwater solutions can be highly efficient in removing built-up bacteria from the affected area, effectively acting as an antiseptic. Add half a teaspoon of table salt to eight ounces of water, and gently swill the solution around your mouth two or three times a day for best results.
If this yields no results, try over the counter medication such as ibuprofen to reduce your discomfort. Apply a cold compress to your check for the first 24-36 hours of pain to reduce any swelling. This will not only relieve your pain but should also reduce inflammation.

What If My Tooth Has Been Knocked Out?

It’s not uncommon for teeth to get knocked out, chipped or cracked during accidents. If this occurs, you should call Horsham Smiles as soon as possible to avoid permanent tooth loss. If you are able to, keep hold of the knocked-out tooth, storing it in your mouth or a glass of milk. Where possible, avoid handling it by the root. Your dentist can insert the tooth into the socket and bind it to the surrounding teeth for support at your appointment. As it heals, it will remain in position.
If you are unable to keep hold of your tooth, we can provide a range of treatment options designed to replace your missing teeth. Your dentist will go over your treatment options and recommend one suitable for your situation.

Visit Horsham Smiles for Emergency Dental Appointments

To prevent potential issues with your teeth, it’s essential to maintain basic oral health. Sometimes, however, damage to your teeth is unavoidable. If you are in severe pain from toothache or have lost a tooth due to injury, get in touch with us at Horsham Smiles today. We are available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.