Horsham Dentistry

Horsham Dentistry All-On-4 is a revolutionary procedure that allows patients to have their teeth repaired in just one day. The benefits of this modern technique include a significant reduction in waiting time for the treatment and reduced discomfort during the whole process, meaning you can go back to your everyday life faster!

How does the Process of All-On-4 Work?

In most cases, a fixed bridge will be attached to your teeth on the day of Surgery. In some rarer circumstances, it can also happen that one or two missing teeth are replaced by implants in their place before extraction if necessary. The placement and number depend mainly on the remaining healthy ones left at both the upper arch and lower jaw area.

We know that dental work can be a daunting task, but our team is here for you. We want to ensure all of your teeth are healthy and ready before giving the green light on effective procedures like implants or extractions. That’s why during step one of this process (the consultation), we examine not just what kind of treatment best fits with your goals as well as X-rays if needed! If some severe tooth loss needs addressing first, we have an option to remove them right away while placing in new ones at their convenience, without having another procedure done again later down the line.

What if I feel Nervous about the Surgery?

We are happy to offer sedation services so that you can feel more relaxed whilst at the dentist. Our sedation will help put your mind at ease and allow for more straightforward procedures during Surgery, including placing implants or fitting an implant-retained bridge!

What is the Aftercare Process?

After a procedure like this, you may be wondering what to expect. Luckily for our patients, we support you throughout! We can advise about care from start to finish, so don’t worry because it’s all in good hands with experts waiting on behalf of your mouth. A lot goes down during an implant replacement procedure. Still, luckily, plenty of experts know exactly how to help soothe any post-treatment discomfort or pain medication needs and offer guidance through every step until complete healing occurs.

If you’re in need of All-On-4 dentistry near Horsham, then Horsham Smiles is the place for you. With our gentle expertise and safe procedures guaranteed by a team that cares about your smile, we can ensure it will leave us feeling happy too!