Misaligned teeth and uneven jawline can cause oral difficulties. These problems also cause social embarrassment for some people, so they choose to get their teeth corrected.
While dental braces are considered as the most popular way out of this issue, modern Invisalign has proved itself a better solution. This is why top orthodontists often suggest Invisalign to their patients who have the problem of malpositioned teeth and misaligned jawlines.

If you are planning to have Invisalign, know about the benefits before meeting your orthodontist.

Why Invisalign Is a Good Option

  1. Easy-to-Remove: These structures are easy to remove anytime you want. You can remove them at night while sleeping or any other time of the day. Though it is advisable to wear the aligners for a longer period to obtain the best result, this modern structure can be removed easily whenever you want.
  2. Eat Anything You Want: The advanced aligners allow the users to eat anything they want. Unlike the metal braces, they do not create any obstacle or discomfort inside the mouth, which prevent you from eating solid food.
  3. Visibly Look Better: Unlike conventional dental braces, Invisalign looks better. They are considered virtually invisible. Therefore, you can easily avoid social embarrassment while wearing these dental aligners.
  4. Faster Treatment Procedure: With traditional braces, orthodontic treatment takes time to fix the issue of misaligned teeth. With the latest Invisalign structures, you can expect to have a faster result. While the traditional braces can take up to 5 years to show the result, Invisalign will do the work within one and a half years.

Meet the Experts

To have the benefits of Invisalign, you need the advice of an orthodontist, they will thoroughly inspect your teeth and jawline to suggest the best type of aligner for your teeth.

At Horsham Smiles, our experts can provide you with the top quality custom-made Invisalign.

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