Dentistry in Horsham

We believe that every smile is beautiful, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore your oral health to improve it! Are you feeling self-conscious in a world where white, straight teeth are considered ‘normal’? We have put together this blog to discuss how general, cosmetic and specialist dentistry in Horsham can improve your smile to relieve that pressure!  

General Dentistry in Horsham

A dental check-up is a great way to improve your smile and maintain oral health. You can go for general dentistry checks in Horsham, like cleanings or education on how best to keep up with brushing techniques! The plaque that builds up on your teeth can be hard to remove and may even affect how you smile. Luckily, general dentists have a solution for this problem! You may be brushing wrong or not doing these tasks at all! From toothpaste to flossing, visiting the dentist can teach you about your daily routine. It’s fascinating how many people incorrectly use their toothbrushes and miss even this simple mouth care habit. Have you been feeling a little self-conscious about your smile? If so, don’t worry! A visit to the dentist can help adjust and improve it with general dentistry in Horsham.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Horsham

We all want to have a smile that makes us feel proud and confident. Cosmetic Dentistry in Horsham can give you pearly whites, so it’s no surprise that tooth whitening is popular with people of all ages! Teeth whitening can make you feel confident and equal a new, beautiful smile. We prioritise your wishes and needs when adjusting your smile, so we also offer dental veneers! Veneers are made using porcelain and protect your smile from damage. They can improve your appearance and change your smile the way you dreamt of it! 

Specialist Dentistry in Horsham

Treating your smile should be a priority, which is why we have an excellent team of specialists. From periodontics and implants to prosthetics – you’re guaranteed quality care! Specialising in periodontics, if left untreated, this condition can lead to tooth loss and bad breath; however, with treatment, it doesn’t have long-lasting effects on your smile or health! We want to prevent and cure your periodontitis before it becomes severe. Horsham Smiles will then send you to the hygienist to keep track of the progress, review how things are going regarding gum disease treatment, and make sure we have an updated understanding if you need future treatments! If you have lost your teeth, prosthetics can give you back a smile that’s as good or better than before. Prosthetic treatment is an excellent way to improve speech and appearance for those suffering from toothlessness due to accidents and natural causes such as illness or ageing. This is a great way to improve your speech and appearance while ensuring that the dentures don’t come out when chewing or biting food. Specialist treatments can enhance your smile, so you feel confident about those missing teeth!


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