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White Fillings in Horsham

Fillings are mainly used to restore teeth’s natural shape and function, representing minor erosion due to decay (cavities). If left untreated, cavities can lead to infections or abscess’ of the tooth and increase tooth loss. Here at Horsham Smiles, we are pleased to say that we are Amalgam free. White Fillings in Horsham are the only material used on our patients. Not only does this give an aesthetic benefit, but it is also in line with current international thinking for health.

There are significant advances in the properties of this material that have allowed us to change the way we treat decay thoroughly. With less drilling, we can keep more of your healthy tooth and provide a final colour match to your original tooth. Dental composites use extremely complex chemistry, relying upon expert techniques and high-quality materials to provide optimal results.

As well as White Fillings in Horsham, Our dentists also offer the service of Amalgam removal, which can significantly change the appearance of your teeth. Your dentist will be happy to discuss this further with you.


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