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This website uses cookies to make your visit more enjoyable and convenient. We never want you to miss out on any of the content. By continuing browsing, you agree and understand that these policies apply for us to provide such a fantastic service, including using cookies.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer to collect anonymous information about how you behave when visiting websites. This improves future visitors’ experience, making it more personalised and valuable!

We want to provide personalised service for each device type when you visit our website. This means cookies will be deployed on your computer or mobile phone with information about the site’s users and what users like/dislike to create statistical analysis reports tailored just right!

Classification Information

Cookies fall into two general categories:

Technical cookies: important for the website to function correctly and for a user to properly navigate it.

Profiling cookies: used to track user navigation and create a profile which can be used to send promotional material based on their preferences.

This website uses technical cookies and, in particular, the following classifications:

Session cookies: which are deleted when a user closes the browser window.

Persistent cookies: which remain in the browser’s memory for a certain amount of time. They typically remember settings and preferences that have previously been saved.

Proprietary cookies: which are created and managed directly by the operator of the website the user is browsing.

Third-party cookies: which are created and managed by parties other than the website operator.

To make the site more user-friendly, persistent, and proprietary cookies are needed.

Third-party cookies allow us to analyse how visitors use our website anonymously. They’re used for statistical analysis, and you can opt out by downloading the plug-in

Specific Categorisation of Cookies Used

Necessary cookies

When you visit a site, your browser needs these essential security and privacy measures for the website to operate correctly. They allow basic features such as navigation or maintaining secure connections on our behalf!

Preference cookies
These enable a website to remember information that changes how a website looks or behaves for a user, such as preferred language or region.
Performance cookies
The data these tools collect and report helps website operators understand how visitors interact with their sites.
Marketing/Targeting cookies
The use of personalisation in marketing has been proven to increase sales, as it makes messages and advertisements more relevant.
What types of cookies do we use?
Strictly Necessary
Removing Cookies

Most web browsers on today’s devices automatically allow websites to set cookies. However, most people can refuse and remove these requests when desired through methods varying from browser to browser.

Cookies are required for the site to function correctly. They help us provide an excellent user experience, but if they’re disabled, it may affect your ability to use all available services and ensure that our websites work as best they can! Please click here to reset your cookie preference.