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Dentures in Horsham

Horsham Smiles offers a wide range of treatments to deal with many dental issues. We use advanced techniques to solve dental problems like missing teeth, tooth infection, misaligned teeth, pulp, stained, and broken teeth. One of these solutions to deal with these issues is dentures. Dentures are removable devices used to replace missing teeth.

If you have missing teeth and are about to replace them, book a consultation at Horsham Smiles. We are the experts who specialise in advising, including examining the teeth and the patient’s oral health, taking a mould for the teeth and measurements. Dentures are then custom made especially to fit you, and finally, you will have your dentures fitted and adjusted to fit you.
Horsham Smiles has been renowned in Horsham and surrounding areas for their responsible and caring practice and staff. Having been in the dental business for several years, Horsham Smiles offers pain-free reliable dental care for all its patients in a friendly environment.

This artificial set of teeth replaces missing, damaged, or broken. At Horsham Smiles, we only use the latest advanced technologies and procedures for all our dental care treatments. Our specialist dentists are fully trained and skilled in the use of dentures.

Horsham Smiles
Horsham Smiles

Dentures Horsham: Right Way to Treat Missing Teeth

Losing teeth can make life very difficult for people, even if it is just a single tooth. If you have lost several teeth, then it may be worth consulting a dentist about dentures. At Horsham smiles, we pride ourselves on the type of care we can offer to patients who have suffered the loss of teeth. Loss of teeth can affect people’s oral health as well as their confidence. People who have lost several teeth should consider dentures. If you have lost various teeth because of an accident, an illness, or a single tooth, your oral health and general well-being will suffer. You should consult with your dentist about dentures. At Horsham Smiles, we look after our patients who come to us with tooth loss. Our orthodontists specialise in dentures and have the latest advanced dental equipment and treatment procedures designed to suit individual needs.

Get Different Dental Dentures from Our Experts

At Horsham Smiles, we have different materials and structures that we work with for our dentures. Our dentists will check your oral health by giving you a routine check-up, you will have a mould made, and you will be advised and consulted on the correct type of denture that suits your requirements and budget. Our highly skilled technicians will especially custom make your dentures to fit you and fulfil your needs.
In many cases, our patients miss multiple teeth or just a single tooth, which may be due to illness, accidents or dental ailments. We strive to help our patients to help retrieve their self-confidence, well being, general health and oral health.

Why You Need Dentures for Your Teeth?

When you lose teeth, it can affect your confidence and give you an increased feeling of embarrassment and poor oral health. Depending on the extent of the loss of teeth, this could lead to your inability to eat properly, talk or smile.

Having your missing teeth replaced with dentures not only will boost your confidence, self-esteem and smile but will significantly improve your oral health. Dentures can be the right way to getting back to everyday life.

Get Custom Dentures in Horsham for Best Results

At Horsham Smiles, we understand how devastating losing just one tooth is, especially a front tooth. Whether it is a single tooth or a complete set, our technicians can make and replace a single or full set of your denture or dentures if an accident happens or they get lost or mislaid. We already have all your measurements in place, or we may need to measure again depending on how long ago the last measurement was and can arrange to have a replacement set made for you.
Call a staff member at Horsham Smiles if you need this service, and we will arrange an appointment.

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