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Teeth Whitening in Billingshurst

Teeth whitening in Billingshurst helps you remove stains on your teeth to have a brighter and whiter smile. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings don’t eliminate these tough-to-remove dark spots that can appear due to ageing or drinking coffee/tea throughout the day. This method uses hydrogen peroxide gel (the similar formula used by dentists) applied directly onto the tooth enamel for about an hour while wearing protective goggles & gloves. It’s often recommended after other bleaching agents like over-the-counter products do not work well enough alone.

Advanced Teeth Whitening in Billingshurst

Horsham Smiles offers varied types of oral teeth care treatments, including teeth Whitening. We have experienced and certified dental experts who will surely give you results that won’t leave any room for complaints when it comes to achieving pearly white smiles at an affordable rate within this area today at our facility located here on High Street. Horsham Smiles in Billinghurst provide the best quality service you deserve within your budget!

Horsham Smiles
Horsham Smiles

Teeth Whitening in Billingshurst is Safe for You

Have you ever noticed that other people’s smiles seem brighter than yours? There are many reasons for this. For example, some of them might have had dental treatment to remove stains from their teeth and make them look lighter and more attractive. If there’s anything on your teeth that makes it less beautiful – be it yellow or brown patches or just general discolouration – contact us at Horsham Smiles in Billingshurst. Our professional staff can provide you with safety procedures to improve the appearance of your smile in no time!

Types of Patches Your Teeth Can Have

Stained teeth can have many causes.
There are various types of stains that your teeth may accumulate over time. These discolourations come from different sources. Some result due to genetics or habits like smoking and drinking coffee/wine. In contrast, others occur as part of the ageing process for enamel loss on tooth surfaces, leading to more surface area exposed for staining agents. For example: – Discoloured fillings indicate decay underneath- Yellowed crowns show you’ve been neglecting flossing- Black spots under the gums mean an issue with tartar accumulation.

This type of teeth discolouration is when the stains affect your tooth’s enamel, which is the upper surface.
These are the common cause of extrinsic tooth discolouration.
This is the type of discolouration located within your teeth. It becomes more resistant and stubborn.
These are the common cause of having intrinsic tooth discolouration.
This is another common cause of having stains or losing the white colour of teeth – your growing age. People often lose the brightness of their teeth when they get old.
We Treat All Types of Staining of Teeth by Colour
At Horsham Smiles, we treat all types of teeth staining, irrespective of the colour. Some of the common colours that you can notice on your teeth are;

Yellow: The most common one is poor oral health and hygiene and the use of certain medications.

Brown: The use of tobacco and extreme consumption of tea and coffee can cause brown coloured patches on your teeth.

White: White spots on your teeth is a sign of having a cavity, and it can become darker when it gets worse.

Black: An advanced dental cavity can cause black spots on your tooth. In some cases, the consumption of liquid iron supplements can also create such black spots.

Come to Us for Most Effective Teeth Whitening Treatment

At Horsham Smiles, we offer the most effective teeth whitening treatment. Our professional and experienced dentists will ensure that you remain relaxed throughout your appointment as our expert staff guide you through all procedures. We use modern equipment to provide gentle care for patients of any age; whether it’s a dental checkup or an emergency visit, see us today!

How Do We Work at Horsham Smiles?

Our professional dentists will discuss the treatment plan with you and explain how we can help. We’ll also advise on any costs involved in your care before moving forward so that there are no surprises once treatments start.

The first step of our process is talking to patients about their problems and what they hope for from a dentist’s office. We want to make sure everyone understands exactly what services they’re paying for when procedures begin; this way, nobody feels like anything has been hidden or misrepresented later down the line (or further into an expensive process).

If the patients approve of our process and cost, we will proceed with your treatment plan. We lighten the internal pigments in your teeth to make them look brighter and whiter than before. You may need several sessions for this result, but it depends on patient history, oral health and age.

Cost of the Treatment

At Horsham Smiles, the residence of Billingshurst can visit their local dentist with peace of mind. We aim to make their experience “pain-free” in a professional but friendly atmosphere where patients receive caring and gentle treatment while also receiving hygienic care that prevents contamination throughout.

You can improve your smile without changing or modifying the primary teeth. You will not have a changed smiling style, and you’ll still look like yourself—just with better-looking teeth!

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If you live in Billingshurst or work around this town, Horsham Smiles is a great dental practice that will save you time and money. We provide our services at convenient times for the local community.

Please Call Us for more information related to teeth whitening services in Billingshurst.

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