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Teeth Whitening in Crawley

Everyone loves to show off their smile, and your local dentist can help protect it in Crawley with Teeth Whitening. Your daily flossing and brushing routine helps keep your teeth healthy, but for the extra ding in your smile, teeth whitening is the answer. Teeth Whitening helps to remove daily stains caused by foods and drinks.

Advanced Teeth Whitening in Crawley

Here at Horsham Smiles, we are renowned for our impeccable care for our patients and for providing services such as teeth whitening in Crawley. In our staff, we have certified and experienced dental experts to carry out all aspects of dental work. We have a team in general dentistry to dental cosmetology who can help you create your bespoke smile to your desired budget.

Horsham Smiles
Horsham Smiles

Teeth Whitening in Crawley is Safe for You

If you have noticed stains on your teeth from food and drink and you find your daily brushing is not eliminating them, then Teeth whitening in Crawley is the answer. Detrimental to your age, with stained teeth, you feel less attractive and reluctant to smile. Contact Horsham Smiles in Crawley to help you retrieve your smile again. We administer effective procedures and remove various stains or improve discolouration of your teeth, leaving you with a confident whiter and brighter smile.

Types of Patches Your Teeth Can Have

At Horsham Smiles, we have been working on stain removers for teeth for a few years, and we have some advanced experience in this area. Our expert orthodontists have seen countless teeth and all with varying degrees of stains on them. You have different coloured pigments, and here are some reasons as to why.

This type of teeth discolouration is when the stains affect your tooth’s enamel, which is the upper surface.
These are the common cause of extrinsic tooth discolouration.
This is the type of discolouration located within your teeth. It becomes more resistant and stubborn.
These are the common cause of having intrinsic tooth discolouration.
This is another common cause of having stains or losing the white colour of teeth – your growing age. People often lose the brightness of their teeth when they get old.
We Treat All Types of Staining of Teeth by Colour
At Horsham Smiles, we treat all types of teeth staining, irrespective of the colour. Some of the common colours that you can notice on your teeth are;

Yellow: The most common one is poor oral health and hygiene and the use of certain medications.

Brown: The use of tobacco and extreme consumption of tea and coffee can cause brown coloured patches on your teeth.

White: White spots on your teeth is a sign of having a cavity, and it can become darker when it gets worse.

Black: An advanced dental cavity can cause black spots on your tooth. In some cases, the consumption of liquid iron supplements can also create such black spots.

Come to Us for Most Effective Teeth Whitening Treatment

Horsham Smiles in Crawley is entirely equipped with advanced technology instruments. Our dental staff are highly trained and qualified in the latest techniques and procedures. Our proficient dental nurses and medical staff welcome new and existing patients into a relaxed, calming and friendly practice, who will guide you through all your dental treatments and examinations.

How Do We Work at Horsham Smiles?

At the initial consultation we offer to all new potential patients, we endeavour to understand their requirements and potential problems. In our clinic, we have trained staff to undertake various generic dental examinations to more complex issues.

After the consultation and a diagnosis is made and any potential tests carried out, our highly experienced dentists will discuss possible treatment plans with you. In this stage, you will also be informed of the cost of the dental programs and a breakdown.

If all aspects are agreed upon, then we will proceed with the treatment plan agreed upon. Initially, we will work on lightening the internal pigments of the teeth to make them look whiter and brighter. Depending on the condition of the teeth, to begin with, you might have to sit for several sessions at this stage to achieve the desired result. The whole process time would depend on the patient’s starting condition and oral health, and this would have been discussed at the initial stage before agreeing to the plan.

Cost of the Treatment

You can visit Horsham Smiles in Crawley with the knowledge that you are in safe hands. Our achievement is making your visit as friendly and carefree as possible. You will feel peace and ease in the dental chair in our calm environment whilst receiving your treatments. We have the latest hygienic equipment to achieve that flawless white smile you want.

We will enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile without damaging the tooth structure. There are no chances of having a changed smiling style or jawline structure after the treatment. You can only expect to have a more attractive smile after the treatment is over.

Book an Appointment

If you live in Crawley or the surrounding areas, you can visit Horsham Smiles to achieve the most gratifying and cost-effective dental procedures and treatments. We are open until late to accommodate appointments after work to help you achieve your smile.

Please Call Us for more information related to teeth whitening services in Crawley.

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