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Teeth Whitening in Haywards Heath

Teeth Whitening in Haywards Heath takes care of your teeth and gives you that beautiful smile. Regular brushing can help keep them white, but this isn’t enough for some people who want something more intense to remove stains on their teeth for a brighter, whiter smile.

Advanced Teeth Whitening in Haywards Heath

Horsham Smiles is a dentist in Haywards Heath that offers teeth whitening services. We have highly experienced and certified dental experts who can give you the right kind of service within your budget.

Horsham Smiles
Horsham Smiles

Teeth Whitening in Haywards Heath is Safe for You

Our teeth whitening procedures in Haywards Heath are safe and effective for all ages, genders, etc. If you want to improve your smile’s brightness because of the different stains on them like age spots or drink-stains due to dark coffee/tea – we can help!

Teeth Whitening is a procedure that our dental clinic offers where there may be visible staining. Still, it only changes the colour through bleaching agents rather than changing the structure itself. This means that if one gets this done early enough, they may not need complete dentures later down their life when gums recede after years of wear & tear, which causes further damage. Hopefully, before too much irreversible change occurs, making it natural.

Types of Patches Your Teeth Can Have

There are many reasons for teeth stains, from diet choices to genetics. Your orthodontist has seen countless of these cases and can help you with your unique situation!

There are many reasons why people have different types of staining on their teeth—from bad diets or genetic predispositions. In any case, our highly trained specialists will be glad to advise how we can improve the appearance and healthiness of your smile — no matter what kind it is!

This type of teeth discolouration is when the stains affect your tooth’s enamel, which is the upper surface.
These are the common cause of extrinsic tooth discolouration.
This is the type of discolouration located within your teeth. It becomes more resistant and stubborn.
These are the common cause of having intrinsic tooth discolouration.
This is another common cause of having stains or losing the white colour of teeth – your growing age. People often lose the brightness of their teeth when they get old.
We Treat All Types of Staining of Teeth by Colour
At Horsham Smiles, we treat all types of teeth staining, irrespective of the colour. Some of the common colours that you can notice on your teeth are;

Yellow: The most common one is poor oral health and hygiene and the use of certain medications.

Brown: The use of tobacco and extreme consumption of tea and coffee can cause brown coloured patches on your teeth.

White: White spots on your teeth is a sign of having a cavity, and it can become darker when it gets worse.

Black: An advanced dental cavity can cause black spots on your tooth. In some cases, the consumption of liquid iron supplements can also create such black spots.

Come to Us for Most Effective Teeth Whitening Treatment

Horsham Smiles is a modern dental clinic with highly skilled specialists. If you need an effective teeth whitening treatment, we are the place to go! Our certified and experienced dentists team has qualified nurses who can help you feel comfortable at our dentist’s practice.

How Do We Work at Horsham Smiles?

At Horsham Smiles, we have an initial consultation to understand your dental issues and treatment needs. Our clinic can perform various tests to determine the problem accurately. Once the diagnosis is made, our dentist will discuss a customised plan with you that considers your budget!

We will initially determine whether the patient would benefit from this procedure and recommend them based on their suitability. We work towards lightening your internal pigments so that they look brighter than before after several sessions of treatment depending upon each person’s medical history, general oral health status and age.

Cost of the Treatment

Horsham Smiles is the place to go if you’re in Haywards Heath and want a painless yet professional dental experience. Patients love our friendly atmosphere that makes them feel relaxed and confident about their visit.
Our hygienic and safe environment ensures that our patients will not experience any contamination. In addition, they can get excellent dental service without being stressed out!

Our dental treatments aim to improve your smile, but they will not change how you look, or others perceive you. You can expect better teeth after treatment is complete with no changes in facial structure at all!

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Horsham Smiles is the leading dental clinic in Horsham, West Sussex. We have made our daily schedules to ensure that it’s convenient for people living around this area and working here too!

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