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Teeth Whitening in Horsham

Everyone loves to show off their smile, and your dentist will help you enhance it with teeth whitening in Horsham. If you brush your teeth regularly and floss, this is the daily maintenance you can do to preserve your smile, but to truly make your smile shine, our dentists recommend teeth whitening. Teeth whitening helps remove everyday intense stains caused through foods or drinks.

Advanced Teeth Whitening in Horsham

Horsham Smiles offers various types of teeth care services, such as Teeth Whitening in Horsham. Our expert dentists are professionally trained. Horsham Smiles offers exceptional dentistry treatments at very competitive prices if you want cosmetic or general dental work.

Horsham Smiles
Horsham Smiles

Teeth Whitening in Horsham is Safe for You

Regardless of your adult age, Horham Smiles offers a whitening Treatment Plan to suit you. So you can achieve a whiter and brighter smile. Contact us for more information on our Teeth Whitening services in Horsham Smiles.

Types of Patches Your Teeth Can Have

Our years of experience in the teeth whitening industry have resulted in our expert orthodontists having the knowledge and expertise in various teeth whitening treatments to rectify stained and discoloured teeth.

This type of teeth discolouration is when the stains affect your tooth’s enamel, which is the upper surface.
These are the common cause of extrinsic tooth discolouration.
This is the type of discolouration located within your teeth. It becomes more resistant and stubborn.
These are the common cause of having intrinsic tooth discolouration.
This is another common cause of having stains or losing the white colour of teeth – your growing age. People often lose the brightness of their teeth when they get old.
We Treat All Types of Staining of Teeth by Colour
At Horsham Smiles, we treat all types of teeth staining, irrespective of the colour. Some of the common colours that you can notice on your teeth are;

Yellow: The most common one is poor oral health and hygiene and the use of certain medications.

Brown: The use of tobacco and extreme consumption of tea and coffee can cause brown coloured patches on your teeth.

White: White spots on your teeth is a sign of having a cavity, and it can become darker when it gets worse.

Black: An advanced dental cavity can cause black spots on your tooth. In some cases, the consumption of liquid iron supplements can also create such black spots.

Come to Us for Most Effective Teeth Whitening Treatment

Horsham Smiles has the latest technology and modern equipment offering a pain-free experience. Our expert team comprises skilled dental nurses and clinic staff who will help you feel relaxed and at ease while you have your dental treatments and procedures.

How Do We Work at Horsham Smiles?

To understand our patient’s requirements, we will do an initial consultation and oral health examination to determine any problems or treatments needed. Once we have made our assessment, we will discuss various issues, solutions, and plans with our patients. Treatment prices will be addressed at this step, and if patients agree, the treatment plan will begin. We will start by lightening the pigments of your teeth to make them look whiter and brighter. You would probably have to sit for a few sessions to achieve the desired result. The entire procedure and duration will be determined depending upon the patient’s general oral health, medical history and age.

Cost of the Treatment

At Horsham Smiles, you can visit our experienced local dentist with peace of mind. We aim to make your visit “pain-free” in a caring, friendly and professional setting. Giving our patients a calming environment for treatment provides them with a sense of relief and confidence in the work they will receive.

Our goal is to help you achieve a brighter appearance in your teeth without modifying the tooth structure. The appeal to our clients is the whiter, more radiant smile we can provide them.

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If you live or work in Horsham and the surrounding areas in West Sussex, visit Horsham Smiles for a professional, friendly teeth whitening experience. We tailor your smile according to your requirements and budget.

Please Call Us for more information related to teeth whitening services in Horsham.
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