Things You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

A beautiful smile never fails to brighten up your day: healthy teeth and good oral hygiene help in keeping your smile intact. Even if you brush and floss your teeth regularly, they can tend to lose their shine. Staining of teeth is a common occurrence. While it can be prevented with extra precaution, it can’t be reversed naturally. It can be treated, though. Teeth whitening treatment is widespread and popular these days. Before having your teeth whitened, you might want to know about your natural teeth first.

Why do teeth become dull?

Biologically, the colour of your teeth depends on your genetics. Some people have whiter teeth than others by birth. But, over time, your teeth get stained because:

  • Maintaining poor oral hygiene is one of the main reasons why teeth stain overtime. If plaque is not removed on time, it will gradually become tartar. This is a contributing factor to teeth stains.
  • Food and beverages are top contenders for teeth staining. Tea and coffee, two beverages people have every day leave tough stains on the teeth. Red wine is also known to be a staining agent.
  • People who smoke will also see a significant amount of staining over a period of time.
  • Your teeth are also prone to get stained if you have been taking strong medications like antibiotics. Stains are also developed under the surface of teeth when the cracks absorb staining elements.

What can be done for teeth whitening?

Most people tend to grab a tooth whitening toothpaste or other product first. Any product that you buy over the counter isn’t likely to give you satisfactory results. The reason behind it is the concentration of the bleaching agent. Legally, these products are allowed to have not more than 0.1% concentration. This is way too less to make a difference.

The most successful teeth whitening treatments can only be done by dentists legally. At Horsham Gentle Dental, the whitening process will bring life back to your teeth. The procedure can last for up to 3 years or more when properly maintained. Get in touch with Horsham dental Dental for a professional teeth whitening experience.