Children's Dental Hygiene

It’s never too early to show your child how significant going for checkups with the dentist is! Horsham Smiles has a welcoming team of dental specialists who understand what it takes to keep their teeth healthier and happier. Our warm atmosphere will make sure that they feel relaxed before getting any procedures done, so you can rest easy knowing our experts have got everything under control.

Kids need to see the dentist every six months from when they get their first tooth at three years old. That way, you can ensure that all of your child’s teeth are in good shape for when they become an adult!

The dentist in Horsham will make your child feel comfortable from the start. They’ll begin by teaching their children about dental health and explaining what they’re doing during checkups, cleanings, or procedures like x-rays while ensuring that fear is minimalised for both parents and kids! The Horsham specialists team work hard to create an atmosphere where kids can get excited about visiting such a vital place.

Observe your children's teeth

Your child will be more at ease during their first visit to the dentist if you have already gone over it with them beforehand. This helps ensure that they get used to and comfortable in these circumstances before undergoing any procedures or injections, regularly examining them throughout childhood.

Bring your child to your dental appointments

At Horsham Smiles, we know that some parents have dental phobia, and it can be a bit intimidating for them, so in this case, we would not recommend bringing your child with you during the appointment. However, if you’re comfortable coming to the dentist, bring them along to show them how it’s done!

When to visit the dentist

Horsham Smiles offers you the best dental advice and help for your little one’s gums. Contact us now for an appointment!