Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry focuses on improving not only the look of your teeth but also your dental care and hygiene. A lot of cosmetic dentistry is optional; however, some can be essential due to complex cases. For cosmetic dentistry, get in touch with us here at Horsham Smiles.

Smile Makeovers

Horsham Smiles are here to give you a ‘Smile Makeover’ with our professionally trained dental nurses. If you feel embarrassed about the way you smile or how you look when you smile, we are here to make you feel confident again, especially if it’s due to tooth discolouration, cracks, chips or even misalignment. Smile Makeovers can change the way you look as well as how you feel inside. Before creating your new smile, we consider various factors such as your age, characteristics and facial features. Before the procedure begins, we need to make sure everything is planned correctly because sometimes dentistry isn’t just about helping the way you look, it’s about functionality.   

Smile Makeovers are excellent for repairing worn, broken, and chipped teeth, replacing missing teeth, straightening crooked teeth, whitening up discoloured stains, and so much more!

Teeth Whitening

For other types of cosmetic dentistry, why not look into teeth whitening? This treatment allows you to achieve the most perfect, whitest and brightest smile by changing the colour of your tooth’s enamel. Our dentists here at Horsham Smiles can help you improve your confidence and make you feel beautiful again.

If you’re unsure how your teeth have become discoloured and stained, it can be because of different things! For example, foods such as pasta due to its starchiness and drinks such as tea, coffee and wine. Did you know tobacco also has a substantial impact on the colour and health of your teeth?

Horsham Smiles offers two types of teeth whitening treatments, Boutique Whitening and Airflow Cleaning. Boutique Whitening is where you have some impressions taken of your teeth, and those will be turned into trays, which you will wear overnight. Airflow Cleaning is where your teeth become deep cleaned by a jet of compressed air, water and bicarbonate particles. It polishes your teeth, removing stains and leaving behind a bright, gleaming smile. This type of treatment costs £75.


Porcelain Veneers are small changes that can change your overall appearance. Veneers are tooth-coloured thin Porcelain shells custom-made to bond to the front of your teeth. They also protect your tooth from any damage.

Porcelain Veneers are also known as Dental Facelifts as although they can change the structure and health of your teeth; they can also change the way you look by removing any gaps between your teeth and gums, ensuring you no longer have a ‘gummy smile’.

We always advise that those looking to get Veneers have teeth that are moderately untouched with minor repairs for the best outcome.

If you are unable to keep hold of your tooth, we can provide a range of treatment options designed to replace your missing teeth. Your dentist will go over your treatment options and recommend one suitable for your situation.


For Cosmetic Dentistry in Horsham, Invisalign is a worldwide treatment where clear aligners are used instead of metal brackets to help straighten your teeth in a quicker time limit.

Our Invisalign specialists will guarantee you will be on the best programme best suited to your case, in which prices will vary depending on how complicated it could be. You can start to see results within weeks when having Invisalign treatment; however, for maximum results, it usually takes around six months.

White Fillings

If you have got some Cavities from irregular brushing, White Fillings are a solution for you. Don’t worry; if you already have Amalgam or Silver Fillings or even aged, worn-out fillings, we can replace them with a tooth-coloured filling to accomplish a more satisfactory result. 

Cosmetic Dentistry in Horsham presents White Fillings hidden to the naked eye, and the most enjoyable part is that it can also make your teeth appear whiter and more radiant. They stop additional decay of the surrounding tooth as the joins are sealed and restorations connected to your tooth.

Gum Line Correction

Gum Line Correction is a process for those who feel they have a ‘gummy smile’. This treatment helps improve the appearance of your gums whilst constructing a gorgeous smile.


All-On-4 is a practice that has gained a ‘Same Day, Same Teeth’ nickname. An established implant takes around six months with additional recovery time. This procedure is a fixed Bridge that is bound to the Dental Implant. Any leftover teeth you may have could be extracted on the day of surgery, where 4-6 Implants will be placed, upper arch and lower.

This procedure is more complicated in the process, so if you feel like you will become agitated and worried, we can arrange for you to have sedation to help you feel more relaxed and reassured. The aftercare of this therapy is intricate, and our dentists will supply you with comprehensive care and guidance.

Overall, if you’re looking for Cosmetic Dentistry in Horsham, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to support you and provide you with adequate and outstanding dental care.