Some of The Best Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures to Go for

Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the first things people notice about you is mostly your smile. It sets the first impression right and helps you in building bonds or initiating a conversation. But sometimes, it is common to feel insecure about some dental flaws that you might have. It will help if you don’t let those hamper your confidence because all you need is an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in West Sussex.

Here are some standard procedures that are popular in cosmetic dentistry:

  • Teeth Whitening: Stained or discoloured teeth is one of the most common dental issues. Yellow teeth or teeth with stains from coffee and others can easily be whitened with a professional bleaching treatment known as teeth whitening.

  • Dental crowns and implants: If you have a broken or missing tooth, these are for you. A crown is a cap, shaped like a tooth, that goes over your tooth to cover it up. When you don’t have a tooth, a dental implant is inserted and topped off with a crown to compensate for it. The results are stunning by giving you a fuller looking set of teeth.

  • Braces: This is what you can opt for when your teeth are formed well but do not align together. It gives you the look of an even, symmetrical smile which crooked teeth can ruin. You can choose from traditional braces to the newer varieties, which are much less noticeable while being efficient.

Apart from cosmetic procedures, regular procedures like fillings, root canal treatments, and more ensure your oral health. You can visit Horsham Gentle Dental for these services and more. They have some of the best cosmetic dentists in West Sussex. They have years of experience in the field and will make sure you have the best experience with them

How Can You Enhance Your Smile?

teeth whitening treatment

A smile is one of the most prominent features on someone’s face. While every smile is beautiful, sometimes small details make people feel insecure about their smiles. These little details are often the root of confidence issues in people. You might have faced similar problems yourself, and it is completely fine. Stained, chipped or crooked teeth are some of the most common issues people face. Fortunately, all of these problems can be fixed by a cosmetic dentist. Dental procedures are one of the most popular in the cosmetic industry.

Standard Procedures You Can Get to Enhance Your Smile

1. Teeth whitening can make a huge difference instantly. Our teeth get stained over time because of some day-to-day activities. Teeth may appear off-white or yellow, which can bother some people. A professional teeth whitening treatment is your best bet to get your teeth pearly white again.

2. If you have multiple problems, then getting dental veneers is also a great choice. Teeth whitening can only help up to a certain extent. Deeply stained teeth or teeth that are broken or chipped can be easily covered by dental veneers. Porcelain dental veneers are placed on top of your teeth, and they look so natural, you can’t tell the difference. Those will last you a long time, so you can be sure to have a beautiful smile for longer.

3. Dental implants can be chosen if you have a gap or missing teeth. Your dentist might recommend a mix of implants and bridges to fill your gaps so that you get the desired look.

4. Another standard procedure is to get teeth aligners. You must be no stranger to the concept of teeth aligners, widely known as braces. But it isn’t limited to only children. If you have small imperfections, you can still get them corrected with invisible teeth aligners. In short, these are plastic aligners that don’t show as much as the metal braces did. They are known to show results in about a year, and you will be amazed at how beautifully these things perform.

Getting a consultation from a cosmetic dentist is the best way to find out what will be right for you. Horsham Gentle Dental Clinic is one of the most trusted clinics in terms of these services. You can choose from a wide array of services to select the ones that appeal the most to you.

Things You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

A beautiful smile never fails to brighten up your day: healthy teeth and good oral hygiene help in keeping your smile intact. Even if you brush and floss your teeth regularly, they can tend to lose their shine. Staining of teeth is a common occurrence. While it can be prevented with extra precaution, it can’t be reversed naturally. It can be treated, though. Teeth whitening treatment is widespread and popular these days. Before having your teeth whitened, you might want to know about your natural teeth first.

Why do teeth become dull?

Biologically, the colour of your teeth depends on your genetics. Some people have whiter teeth than others by birth. But, over time, your teeth get stained because:

  • Maintaining poor oral hygiene is one of the main reasons why teeth stain overtime. If plaque is not removed on time, it will gradually become tartar. This is a contributing factor to teeth stains.
  • Food and beverages are top contenders for teeth staining. Tea and coffee, two beverages people have every day leave tough stains on the teeth. Red wine is also known to be a staining agent.
  • People who smoke will also see a significant amount of staining over a period of time.
  • Your teeth are also prone to get stained if you have been taking strong medications like antibiotics. Stains are also developed under the surface of teeth when the cracks absorb staining elements.

What can be done for teeth whitening?

Most people tend to grab a tooth whitening toothpaste or other product first. Any product that you buy over the counter isn’t likely to give you satisfactory results. The reason behind it is the concentration of the bleaching agent. Legally, these products are allowed to have not more than 0.1% concentration. This is way too less to make a difference.

The most successful teeth whitening treatments can only be done by dentists legally. At Horsham Gentle Dental, the whitening process will bring life back to your teeth. The procedure can last for up to 3 years or more when properly maintained. Get in touch with Horsham dental Dental for a professional teeth whitening experience.

Why Should You Try Teeth Whitening at Least Once

Teeth Whitening in West Sussex

When people say “smile is the best possession of an individual”, they probably imagine one with beautiful, white and healthy teeth. People who have stained and unsightly teeth may find it hard to win the heart of others with their smile. This is the reason the demand for teeth whitening in West Sussex is augmenting every day.

People call their dentists with the hope of getting rid of their spotted and dull-looking teeth. However, all the experienced and reliable dental experts will tell you that teeth whitening does not mean changing the colour of your teeth entirely or making it 4 or 5 shade whiter than its current condition. However, this is an effective procedure to lighten the spots on your teeth to improve its current appearance. It can lighten the present colour of your teeth.

Reasons You Should Ask for Teeth Whitening

People consider teeth whitening for various reasons. Here we will discuss the most popular ones.

Get Rid of Discolouration

If you want to offset the discolouration of your teeth to get a balance, then you should definitely try this method. It will help you to get rid of patches, stains and spots on your teeth that can cause due to plaque, tartar or different other oral health issues. The teeth will get a balanced colour which will make your smile look healthier than before.

Before Special Events

Special events in life need special preparation. Whether it is your wedding or a great career opportunity. For example, if you are an aspiring actor and have to attend an audition in an upcoming big acting project, then you must take special care of your smile. Stained teeth may finish your chance of having a career break in such situations. Your wedding is also a great event in your life, and you have to be prepared for the same with a beautiful smile on your face. This is the reason many would-be brides and grooms fix appointments with their dentists to get teeth whitening before their big days.

For Your Profession

Imagine yourself as a motivational speaker, a psychiatrist, a beauty expert or an actor. Apart from experience and skill, all these fields demand a great appearance of the professional. A psychiatrist with unsightly spots on teeth or a beauty expert with stained teeth may not be able to impress their clients. Hence, if you are involved in a profession where your look is one of your investments, then you must take good care of the same. Go and fix an appointment with your dentist to have teeth whitening in West Sussex.

Get Back Your Confidence

People with spots on teeth may not feel confident enough in social gatherings. They feel concerned about their smile and cannot make friends because of the same. The teeth whitening process can help them to get back their confidence. You can get rid of those unsightly spots on your teeth, feel good and smile with confidence after that.

Come to Horsham Gentle Dental Clinic once the lockdown is over to get this treatment done by the experts of this field. For now, we are available on phones to answer all your questions related to our services.