Teeth Whitening: A Guide to the Most Perfect Smile

Have you ever wanted to turn your smile into something truly extraordinary? Teeth Whitening can do this for you. With the power of teeth whitening, they will become significantly whiter and brighter than before any discolouration! It could help with dental anxieties and self-esteem too. Whitening teeth has been around for ages, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The process can help you get back your favourite smile while feeling better inside and out! There are many reasons why your teeth may have become discoloured, such as age and genetics. However, the most common external cause is drinking lots of tea or coffee! This blog will guide you through the process of the treatment, giving your perfect smile a boost!

How does teeth whitening work?

When you apply hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide to bleach the staining on your tooth enamel, it will absorb into its pores so that it can remove discoloured taints. With Boutique Whitening in Horsham, you’ll have the opportunity to receive even and balanced whitening results. The dentist will take impressions of your mouth for this process so that they can ensure your results are effective! Trays may involve overnight wear for you and at-home sessions once everything has settled into place, and the trays are made bespoke by them in a laboratory! Are you trying to get rid of that pesky surface staining? We have the solution. AirFlow’s high-pressure stream consists mainly of water and particles, which efficiently removes any discolouration on your teeth without damaging their enamel, as other methods can do!

How long does it last?

Whitening your teeth can result in a wide variety of outcomes, from just six months up to three years. There’s a one-year worth of wear in most cases, but it depends on how often you visit us or what type we use for bleaching! With the variety in our genetics, every person is entirely different when it comes to their teeth whitening experience.

How much does it cost?

Many people turn to Teeth Whitening in Horsham with the growing demand for whiter teeth. However, different prices depend on what procedure you choose and where your treatments will be done. While many decide to go to a beauty salon for teeth whitening, this is illegal without a dentistry certification. Airflow cleaning will cost £75 with Horsham Smiles, but boutique teeth whitening in Horsham depends on the request and necessities per patient.

Can you have teeth whitening whilst pregnant?

The British Dental Association advises that women should not have their teeth whitened whilst pregnant, despite it being safe for professionals to do so. Instead, you should wait until after the baby has been born to get your teeth whitened. Using home treatments to whiten your teeth when pregnant can be dangerous, so it goes against professional advice and is not worth the risk. 

Should I get my teeth whitened?

Teeth whitening in Horsham can help you achieve the perfect smile. The results are whiter and brighter! The procedure is simple, safe and effective for getting a beautiful smile without pain or discomfort. As an alternative to dentures and veneers, tthis treatment will leave you feeling confident in your results. 

We care about giving you the perfect smile. Contact us today for teeth whitening in Horsham!